About us

Titan Communication Systems has 20 years of experience with customized audio solutions for critical communications. Our customers rely on our extensive technological know-how, and we focus on delivering the ideal solution every time, always striving for innovation and optimum performance. With equal amounts of precision, perfection and passion we take on any challenge to design or improve your critical communication solutions and accessories. Contact us today.


Since 1996 Titan Communication Systems has been a leading developer of mobile audio solutions and products for critical communication. 

Close communication and cooperation with our customers is the cornerstone of our company ensuring that we understand your needs and requirements whether you are looking for a product or a solution. 

Excellence in technologies, expertise in engineering, and rigorous quality control throughout every process are principal lines in our business, making Titan the reliable choice.

Craftsmanship is a key factor when making tailor-made solutions. Our dedicated staff have extensive design and engineering capabilities and profound technical experience in the assembly of all products. 

Quality control is managed by our office in Emarainville, just outside Paris, France. Advanced software capabilities are developed by specialists in Copenhagen, Denmark.